Posted by: missopinion | February 3, 2010

Get to know La Libertad El Salvador!

The 4th installment of my Chivo El Salvador blog series series is here!!! I know I am quite late, I apologies, so enjoy it!!

La Libertad is located approximately 12 kilometres West of the capital San Salvador. La Libertad means ‘the liberty’ and it is beautifully situated along the pacific ocean coast. It is the place to be if you are a serious surfer or a very very brave soul to take a leisurely swim in the 6-10 foot waves.

In La Libertad you will find some of the most affluent urban areas such as; Antiguo Cuscatlan which is home to some of the biggest and best restaurants, bars and night spots in the country – and it is the only place in the entire country where I found a decent meal of Chinese food. People of El Salvador – adding soy sauce to everything you can throw in a pot does not make it a chinese meal! Santa Elena is another affluent spot and where you will find the biggest USA embassy in the world. Here you will find some of my personal favourite shopping spots and night life. Multiplaza, in Santa Elena, is one of the biggest malls in all Central America and ‘Terrazas de Multiplaza’ is literally the terraces of the shopping complex and features top restaurants, eateries and fantastic night clubs.

Multiplaza.... oh the shopping... *drool*


La Libertad is best known for its surfing beaches. There are too many to list them all but some of the best beaches are El Zunzal and Punta Roca. There you will encounter massiave 6- 10 feet high waves that can barrel at anywhere along the point. Other surfing beaches the locals love for surf and play include Conchalio, La Paz, San Diego, La Bocana and El Zonte.

Lobster Dish at Dolce Vita restaurant, Puerto La Libertad

La Libertad does not only have fabulous surf, here you will find some of the best seafood this side of the coast! There are restaurants all along the coast of La Libertad where you can enjoy an icy cold beer, cocktail of cockles or prawns, a beautifully grilled fish while enjoying the sounds of the local band playing in the restaurants!

As all the departments in El Salvador La Libertad celebrates many patron saint festivities. Each municipality has its own celebrations but if you are in the major spots of Santa Tecla also known as Nueva San Salvador you want to check it out from 16 to 25 December. Antiguo Cuscatlan during 26 to 28 December and Ciudad La Libertad from 7 to 8 December each year. Below I have featured some videos shot of La Libertad during celebration time, the video produced by ‘adproducciones’ was shot during the national Day of Independence celebrations 15 September 2009.

La Libertad was recently hit by Hurricane Ida and suffered great devastation. But as history continually proves us, this city and this country continues to survive despite the set backs!



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