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Achievements of Salvadorans around the world!

Yay and Woohoo for positive news! Today I am feeling rather up beat and decided that I wont be focusing on the negative aspects of El Salvador instead I will be up lifting some of the more outstanding Salvadorans that I could find. I have tried to do an extensive research – limited only by my ability to search on google – to find some high achievers who are Salvadoran born to demonstrate that we can be successful and that people can achieve above their expectations. Not all Salvadorans are part of MS13 or Calle 18 or other street gangs, not all Salvadorans are violent but that some are really keen on progressing the country, themselves, their families and promoting a general Salvadoran and latino culture of success, justice and productivity.


If you have any suggestions or wish to correct me or add further to this list please do so. I would love to compile a big long achievement list of Salvadorans around the world and in El Salvador for recognition.

 In no particular order:

 Paula Heredia – Salvadoran-American. Emmy award winner for her contribution to two documentaries. In 2002 won an Emmy for her editorial on a documentary in about the 911 terrorist attacks in New York and the second one she was part of the editing team for the documentary “The Art of Failure: Chuck Connelly is Not For Sale”.

  1. Juan Eleazar Rivera – Salvadoran. In 2006 won the Spanish from La Garua for poetry. The piece entitled “Ciudad del contrahombre”.
  2. Carlos “Famoso” Hernandez – world champion boxer.
  3. Los Hermanos Flores – San Vicente – El Salvador’s premier orchestra and performers for over 40 years. Still number 1.
  4. Mauricio Funes – Salvadoran. The current President of the Republic. Mauricio Funes rose from journalist to elected President and has the honour, challenge and responsibility of bringing El Salvador out of violence and into a new era of peace and prosperity.
  5. Eleonora Carillo – Salvadoran. Special mention as she managed to get to the top 10 of Miss Universe in 1995. No other Salvadoran miss universe has done this to date.
  6. Alvaro Torres – Salvadoran. Singer/Songwriter. 1994 winner of Songwriter of the year by BMI.
  7. Roberto D’Aubuisson – Salvadoran. Founder of the ARENA party currently in opposition.
  8. Edwin Arevalo – Salvadoran-American. Film maker.
  9. Jorge Gonzalez “El Magico” – footballer
  1. Liliana Maria Reyes Gonzalez Bloch, Director, McKinney Avenue Contemporary
  2. Karlos Carcamo, visual artist
  3. Augusto Crespin, painter
  4. Noe Canjura, painter
  5. Jose Mejia Vides, painter, sculptor
  6. Alejandro Cotto, filmmaker
  7. Edwin Arévalo, filmmaker
  8. Pedro Ipiña, painter
  9. Fernando Llort, painter and sculptor
  10. Víctor Ruano, visual artist, filmmaker
  11. Toño Salazar, caricaturist
  12. Consuelo de Saint-Exupéry, painter, sculptor, and author, wife of Antoine de Saint Exupéry
  13. Adrian Bellani Italian-Salvadoran actor born in Miami. Played the role of Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald on the NBC daytime drama, Passions.
  14. Lilly Melgar actor, producer. Played the role of Lily Rivera Corinthos in ABC America’s General Hospital. She has also starred in other hit shows such as The Bold and the Beautiful and Univisions Tu Musica.
  15. Mauricio Merino, Jr., actor born in Australia. Plays role of Simon Freedman in Neighbours.
  16. Karli Henriquez Mexican-Salvadoran VJ on MTV Tres show, Kalifornia.
  17. Kirmaya Cevallos, videographer, producer, editor. Won an Emmy Award in the Suncoast Chapter in 2009.
  18. Carla Vila, actress, starred in various films as well as having a small role on NBC drama, ER.
  19. Jose Samuel Ortiz, university professor, pharmacist
  20. Rafael Olmedo Artiga, music composer
  21. Emma Escalante Rubio (Carmen Navarro), singer
  22. Claribel Alegría,writer
  23. Manlio Argueta, novelist
  24. Alfredo Betancourt, educator, philosopher
  25. Carlos Córdova, writer
  26. Roque Dalton, poet
  27. Jacinta Escudos, novelist
  28. Pedro Geoffroy Rivas, poet, scholar
  29. Ana Sol Gutiérrez, educator
  30. David J. Guzmán, doctor, archeologist, botanist, writer, statesman
  31. Claudia Lars, poet
  32. Ignacio Martín-Baró, Social psychologist and Jesuit priest
  33. Alberto Masferrer, intellectual
  34. Dr. Tania Pleitez, art historian, author
  35. Salarrué (Salvador Salazar Arrué), novelist, poet, painter.
  36. Ramon Hernandez Quintanilla, journalist, intellectual, writer
  37. David Escobar Galindo, poet, educator
  38. Pescozada , Latino rap artist
  39. Big Ceaze, Latino rap artist
  40. DJ Keoki, Techno DJ
  41. Johnny Lopez, member of Crooked Stilo, Latino rap group
  42. Victor Lopez, member of Crooked Stilo, Latino rap group
  43. Álvaro Torres, singer
  44. Crooked Estilo, Latino rap artist
  45. Gianmarco Ruffatti, Grunge Rocker
  46. Hector Rico,Acid Rocker
  47. pete sandoval, metal rocker morbid angel group
  48. Allison Iraheta, winner of Telemundo reality show, Quinceañera and finalist in the eighth season of American Idol.
  49. Jonathan Viera, Internet TV Owner of broadcasting website
  50. Fernando Melendez del Valle, Tenor, Pedagogue
  51. Ana Maria, guerrilla leader
  52. Lynda Barros, Latina Civil Rights Activist
  53. Gerardo Barrios, liberal president
  54. Armando Calderón Sol, former president
  55. Cayetano Carpio, guerrilla leader
  56. Ernesto Antonio Claramount Rozeville“eternal” presidential candidate
  57. Alfredo Cristiani, former president
  58. Roberto D’Aubuisson, politician, ARENA founder
  59. Andres del Valle, President
  60. José Napoleón Duarte, former president
  61. Liz Figueroa, California state senator
  62. Francisco Flores, former president
  63. Mauricio Funes, Current President
  64. Rutilio Grande, martyred priest
  65. Schafik Hándal, guerrilla leader and presidential candidate
  66. Álvaro Magaña, banker and interim president
  67. Alejandro Melendez, san sebastian volunteer/leader
  68. Maximiliano Hernández Martínez, dictator-president
  69. Miguel Mármol, labor union activist
  70. Sigifredo Ochoa, colonel and ARENA deputy
  71. Farabundo Martí, communist leader
  72. Antonio Saca, former president
  73. Guillermo Ungo, opposition leader and former vice-president
  74. Carlos Eugenio Vides Casanova, defense minister, convicted of human rights abuses
  75. Joaquín Villalobos, guerrilla leader
  76. Rubén Zamora, opposition leader
  77. José Inocencio Alas, “Chencho”, former priest and activist
  78. Juan Rafael Bustillo former Head of the Salvadoran Air Force
  79. Ronald Cerritos, footballer, in the MLS
  80. Mauricio Cienfuegos, footballer, former player for the Los Angeles Galaxy
  81. Jose Cortez, NFL Football
  82. Raúl Díaz Arce, footballer in the MLS
  83. Jorge González, footballer, better known as el Mágico González
  84. Carlos “El Famoso” Hernández, Boxer, holds the Jr. Lightweight world title
  85. Eliseo Quintanilla, footballer, in the MLS
  86. Jorge Rodríguez, footballer, in the MLS
  87. Jaime Rodriguez, footballer, former player of the Bayer Uerdingen
  88. Hugo Perez, footballer, born in El Salvador, played for United States in the 1994 world cup and 1984 summer olympic games
  89. Rosemary Casals, Salvadoran parents, American tennis player

100.  Mallory González, (Half Salvadoran) American Softball Player



  1. Maribel Arrieta Gálvez

    Miss El Salvador for the 1955 Miss Universe, she came in 2nd place

    • oooo thanks for the addition J!!

      • christy turlington

        supermodel for calvin klein in the 90s

  2. Operatic Tenor, Fernando del Valle, Grandson of renowned Salvadoran Tenor and Pedagogue Fernando Melendez del Valle and great great grandson of Andres del Valle, also a direct descendant of Jose Maris San Martin y Ulloa (WIKI)

  3. “Jose Maria San Martin” was the President of El Salvador

  4. this is a real eye opener! Thanks for thinking positive!

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