Posted by: missopinion | October 27, 2009

Chivo El Salvador!



 I am starting a new series on my blog called “Chivo El Salvador!” where I will try and bring you the cool and beautiful side of each ‘departamento’ or department of El Salvador and as such there will be a series of 14 blogs. If any of my readers out there wish to contribute by providing photos, suggestions or corrections to any of the information on any of the posts please let me know. Dont be shy! I want it to be a celebration of this little Central American country that many of us love.

The series:

Celebrating Ahuachapan

Celebrating Santa Ana

Celebrating Sonsonate

Celebrating La Libertad

Celebrating Chalatenango

Celebrating Cuscatlan



  1. […] is the first of the 14 Salvadoran departments in this series of Chivo El Salvador!. It borders Guatemala on the western side of the country and the pacific ocean on the other. […]

  2. […] of my favourite departamentos and cities of El Salvador is our 2nd departamento in this series of Chivo El Salvador, this is Santa […]

  3. […] 4th installment of my Chivo El Salvador blog series series is here!!! I know I am quite late, I apologies, so enjoy […]

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