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El Salvador

El Salvador

The purpose for this blog is to express publicly my own personal views about the country that has won my heart and affection dearly, El Salvador, Central America. My views do not side with the left or right wings of politics. They are unaffiliated. It is my expression only and I do not represent the political views of any political movement. I have attempted to replicate to the best of my ability all my articles into Spanish for anyone who wishes to read my posts but has little capacity in the English language. Please forgive my spelling, grammatically, syntax errors, possibly misspoken phrases and lack of sensational metaphorical expressions. I have not had any formal spanish lessons and the small amount I have retained or, better yet, believe to possess are because of the lessons my mother used to give me when I was little against my will. But for her efforts I am now deeply grateful.

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  1. Hola Miss Opinion!

    I am an American born wife for 10 years of a beautiful El Salvadorean man. He is from San Vicente. I have been googling El Salvador to learn as much as I can about this beautiful culture. I found your blog and wanted to thank you for expressing your passion so wonderfully. I have also enjoyed the beautiful pictures you have posted.

    Thank you so much.

    Muchas Gracias!
    Stacey Acevedo

    • THanks stacey!! and welcome to my blog I will try and put up some more fun pictures 😀

  2. Ha, so this is your alter ego 😉

    I’m looking forward to reading this blog over the weekend. I’ve always been fascinated by latin america. Had great plan many years ago when I lived in Canada to hitch all the way through the USA, down through Mexico, central america, and southern america. Sadly by time I reached Mexico I’d run out of time and money and had to return to Canada to start a new job there.

    Still like to read and watch progs about latin america though.

    • aww welcome dunc!!! 😀

      take a look around… gimme any feedback on how you think perhaps I can make it better 😀

      I loved canada.. i was so close to moving to Montreal about 2 years ago. i spent all my time on the east coast.. Toronto, montreal and quebec. cant wait to go back!!

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