Posted by: missopinion | November 25, 2009

Introducing Allison Iraheta! – New singing sensation

As a fellow Salvadoran I am so excited to blog about this new American-Salvadoran singer. Her name is Allison Iraheta… she was born in the US but is from immigrant Salvadoran stock.

 The girl can sing! The song is pretty cool and personally, I know I may sound biased, but oh my gosh I am so proud of her for doing such amazing work!!!

 She is a graduate of the American Idol generation but really a hell of a lot more singing credibility than Miley Cyrus. Actually maybe it might even be a bit of an offence to compare her to Miley Cyrus’ singing capability or lack there of!

 Check her out, give her a chance. I think she sounds great! Looks fab and is bringing a great new image to all the latinos out there!!

 Go Allison!!

This is her new debut single Friday Ill be Over You!



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