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En mi blog siempre tengo en énfasis en El Salvador. Pero ahora tengo las ganas de disfrutar de todos mis paisanos de todo latín América.

I usually focus on El Salvador on my blog, but today I really wanted to basque in the glory and fun of my latino countrymen.

La sangre latina es fuerte, somos inventivos, imaginativos, creativos, bailadores, amamos las fiestas, nuestros carnavales, las cosas bellas que les pertenecen a cada uno de nuestros países, sea nuestras danzas, poesías, música y presentaciones teátricas.

Our latino blood is strong, inventive, imaginative, creative, we are dancers, we love our festivals, celebrations and carnavales, que love the beauty that is true to our own countrie be it our unique folklore dances, poetry, music and other theatrical shows.

Para mi no importa si eres mejicano, guatemalteco, hondureño, salvadoreño, beliceño, costa rícense, panameño, brasileño, colombiano, chileno, peruano.. o lo que sea. Somos latinos y eso es lo que quiero celebrar.

I really dont care if you are Mexican, Guatemalan, Honduran, Salvadoreno, Belice, Costa Rican, Panama, Brazilian, Colombian, Chilean, Peruvian or whatever you are. We are all latinos and this is what I want to celebrate today.

Aquí disfruten de la colección de clips de todos nuestros países. Si tu vives afuera de tu país de nacimiento o naciste afuera de tu país ven y descubras que lindo es tu cultura, que linda es tu gene y tu historia.

Enjoy discovering all the cultures through the collection of clips below. If you are an expat or you were born outside of your motherland, or you are half latino half something else I encourage you to discover how beautiful your culture, your people and your history is. I did and fell in love.

 Latinos sean orgullosos de donde somos – no nos discriminemos unos a otros!

Latinos we need to be proud of who we are and where we came from – lets not bring each other down!

Here is a collection of typical festivities that you will see in the towns, cities of all the countries. Enjoy the off-the-beaten-track vibe. Its what I love the most!


2007 Chilmalhuacan  Mexico, San Pedro

Guelaguetza 2008 Los Tejorones its a dance that came from a mixture of the Spanish, black slave and Aztecan history. Tejones means Men dressed badly.

November 09 Chilmalhuacan Mexico

Guaymas, Mexico 07


San Martin a small country town in Guatemala. Fiesta Nov 08. Demonstrating a typical festival in central american towns. Usually a religious based festival that combines traditional dancing, processions, food and rides etc

Festival of a small town called Cunen, El Quiche Guatemala.

kids festival is Chiantla feb 08



in English – intro into the country, its people and culture.

(In English) Carnaval Belize – Independence Day parade

Belize Carnaval



ok so this one isn’t necessarily showing a grand festival, but it demonstrates why I love off the beaten track travelling. This video was taken in remote villages of the Honduran mountains. Just the mere simplicity, the honesty, the daily life that is so far from my own is beautiful to me. Its demonstrating a typical church celebration day in this remote village.

Fiesta is Oalancho – Honduras, typical village/town get together.

schools performing in street parades for the independence day 15 September celebrations.

parade, Yoro Honduras Nov 07



Los Viejos San Salvador Hidalgo

Independence Day March by the Inframen school. April 06.

festival celebrating the day of the Cross

religious parade, Sonsonate

Alfombras or carpets made of fine sawdust, salt and chalk. People produce religious Alfombras during Semana Santa – Easter week and are displayed on the streets in the towns and cities. You will have an opportunity to see what we call, “perror callejeros” walking across an Alfombra, haha typical bloody dogs!



  1. Excelente tu post amigo como cada pais posee sus propias tradiciones pero todos somos un gran pueblo que tenemos que estar unidos, y festejar con los nuestros los videos estan increibles, saludos

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