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Celebrating Ahuachapán – EL Salvador


Ahuachapán is the first of the 14 Salvadoran departments in this series of Chivo El Salvador!. It borders Guatemala on the western side of the country and the pacific ocean on the other. Ahuachapán was founded by Mayan Indians of the Pokomanes tribe in 5th century and soon became one of El Salvador’s central cities in 1869. Its approximately 100km from the capital of El Salvador, San Salvador.


parque concordia

Concordia Park (parque concordia)

12 March 1822 saw the battle of El Llano El Espino in which one of the first battles for central america’s fight for independence was fought. The Salvadoran army led by historical hero; commander Manuel Jose Arce at the Laguna Del Espino (lake of Espino).

 laguna espino

Some wonderful and some of the most interesting geographical formations of El Salvador are found in Ahuachapán and they are Los Ausoles. There are 5 volcanic formations found in Los Ausoles.

  1. El Zapote – a 5km diameter crater
  2. Valdivieso – made up of 4 small crater type cracks and several smaller ones that are filled with beautiful sulphur crystal formations.  
  3. El Barreal – made up of mud ponds
  4. La Labor – consists of a 200m diameter hollow with crater-like walls with 7 smaller openings that shoot strong forceful vapors and is scattered wtih small 2m high clay volcanoes .
  5. El Salitre –  consists of a group of thermal lagoons that heat to 96°C that originate from the river Agua Caliente (or hot water).

los ausoles

One of the main festivals of Ahuachapán is its colourful Dia de los Farolitos or the Day of Little Lanterns held every September 7 for over 200 years on the eve of the birth of the virgin Mary known as the Immaculada Concepcion.


Ahuachapan Church

Around various locations of the city streets and town centre are decorated with lantern formations and at night are lit. The city and towns are filled with lit lanterns demonstrating Ahuachapán at its most beautiful.


thank you to the following websites for use of some of the images. – ausoles – Farolitos – farolitos



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