Posted by: missopinion | October 20, 2009

ADFES – My program and frustration

I have spoken with advisors from other charities and with Ausaid (government department) they warned me that throughout this journey of assistance, particularly, when dealing with international assistance that I would encounter frustrations from all areas.

 Frustrations from trying to negotiate effective partnerships, frustrations from any section of the communities my program would be trying to assist because everyone wants something different. My current frustration is trying to access the correct information on the different technical schools that current exist in San Salvador and Cabañas.

 I guess I have realised my naivety in thinking that it might be easy to get this type of information from the government department in charge of education. I contacted the particular government authority in education requesting to obtain the names of the schools and a contact number – the reception or switchboard would be fine- and get not a real answer in return. I appreciated that I received a response or sorts. They wished to know more about me; where I lived. I responded cordially with great hopes that they were working on getting me this information. I received a second email and hoped the information would be communicated to me, but alas, no it was another cordial email fishing for more information, how many would benefit from this program who funds it etc. Really? Does it matter how many might benefit from this? I am not a multinational charity with millions of dollars who is going to be the knight in shining armour for hundreds or thousands of children..not at this point anyway but who knows it may well turn out that way one day. All I want are the names of the technical trade schools and a contact number I will do the rest. It is just me, I am trying to build a program that will benefit some of the most vulnerable in El Salvador. I was not asking for the government of El Salvador to fund it, I am raising money by small means at the moment, I am selling fundraiser chocolates, working on organising a social dance night to raise funds things like that.

 I suspect whoever the unidentified person who is at least returning my emails (or was as I have not heard back from them again at this stage) is trying to really fish for information like am I affiliated with any particular political party of El Salvador, or is my family. Well the answer is NO. This blog started being completely apolitical. I am not affiliated with any side of politics. I just want to help those that need it the most. I, like any other person, have my opinions on the politics of the country but I am not there to change political governments or promote any particular one. I just want to help those that are most vulnerable to have a better life and hopefully help them avoid sinking into a life of crime and poverty.

 If I do not hear from them in the next two weeks I will need to start being more resourceful and spending more of my own money on international telephone calls to friends and relatives to try and get this information.

 Perhaps it was naive and egotistical of me to think that being a nobody doing something that might seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things could get this type of information easily.

 Well that’s my frustration for today. But hopefully soon I will get the information I need. I will soon be calling the different schools and trying to negotiate and work out a plan of action to implement my program.

 I hope that this government agency government worker responds to me soon. I am not angry with you I just am frustrated because I would like to implement this new program by the new scholastic year in 2010.


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