Posted by: missopinion | October 9, 2009

Is El Salvador a Lost Cause?

Those of you who read my blog know and understand that I love that country. I wish I could do more to fix it but I am just me.

 There are people who write off El Salvador as a lost cause. Some of these people are our own people. Is El Salvador a lost cause?

 The US Overseas Crime and Safety Report 2009 produced by the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC), grimly summarises the horrible statistics and known occurrences that are inflicted daily on anyone in El Salvador on any given day.

Of what does El Salvador have to be proud?

  1. One of the 10 most violent countries in the world
  2. Visitors and citizens alike are restricted with the routine of life by the fear of violence
  3. 9 murders and 3 car-jackings per day (reported) not taking into account unreported
  4. Murder statistic (2008) 55.3 out of 100 000 population  
  5. Guns and arms freely available to anyone who wants one
  6. Armed robberies whether rain or shine anywhere anytime
  7. Extortion of hard working people be they big business owners or small enterprise.
  8. Extortion of everyday people has become routine
  9. Extortion of school children and teachers by street gangs
  10. Street gangs increasing in numbers with no regard for human life and a care factor of zero.
  11. Less than 20% of rapes reported to police
  12. Police powerless to do anything significant

 I have recently spoken to a few people living El Salvador who have provided witness accounts and sometimes are themselves the victims of the crime that seems to have hijacked this little country who has eternally been trying to live up to its name; El Salvador, ‘the Saviour’. El Salvador’s struggle to eliminate crime and corruption appears to be an uphill battle. For each successful step forward, deliberately sections of its own people ensure that it is pushed 5 steps back.

 Children are being target for both street gang recruitment and for reasons of extortion. Children are stopped daily on their way to school and being told they must pay in order to be allowed to go to school! Teachers are having to pay “rent” to local street gangs in order to allow them, their students and families to be “safe”.

 What is happening to El Salvador? Shall we take on some conspiracy theories and dare to think that perhaps this violence is inflicted on the Salvadoran people due to political agenda? Could one party or another be supporting in one way or another this dramatic rise in street gang related crime in order to win votes and overturn a reigning government?

 Why does it appear that this evil is winning over justice and peace?

 What makes a human being decide that money is worth more than a life and be prepared to kill another for a few dollars?

 Salvadorans are being called up in their homes and are threatened with murder of their entire family if they don’t pay “rent” for “safety”. Unassuming women and children are being used (whether voluntarily or involuntarily) in order to extort money from anyone that they can get their hands on.

 The police don’t seem to be able to handle it. The government and other political parties don’t seem to want to fix problem together. They see it as an issue that will win them votes instead of trying to truly resolve the problem or the greater good of the country. What use is there in having a left or right government if neither party resolve this problem.

 ARENA and FMLN along with the PNC (national civil police), PDC (democratic Christian party) and others need to put their egos aside, their political agenda’s in the bin and their personal greed for wealth and power thrown away and fix this crime wave that has El Salvador in chains and on a path to self destruction.

 How can my little voice that barely makes a sound in this big world get this message through to the people in power and those committing the crimes? I feel like in this cyber world of blogging im screaming at the top of my lungs in competition with millions of other voices vying for the same attention yet all I get back is the echo of my own voice.

 All I want is for those people who are involved in street gangs and other crime that are hurting not only El Salvador but the US and latin America in general to stop. Stop the violence, stop your hatred, stop your frustration, stop your resentment, stop being unfeeling and think for a second. Life is better than this. You are caught in a never ending circle of darkness, hate, frustration, sadness. You think that the strongest will win and survive – and then what? When you have no one else to kill, no one else to give you money for nothing, no one to turn to, what will you do? What would you have gained? Money? And all for nothing. In the end you will end up with nothing. When we die we take nothing. When you die, you will die with nothing. You were born of dust and to dust you will return. You might say there is no God so who cares? What if there is and this was your big test and you failed? You failed your purpose in life, you failed it all because you chose to take life, and you chose to impose fear, unhappiness and violence on innocent people. Life is not worth this violence and crime. It will all end up in nothing anyway.

 The richest men on earth die with nothing and we all die in the same way. A draw of one last breath and then nothing.


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