Posted by: missopinion | September 27, 2009

Introducing: My philathropic program – ADFES

Welcome to everyone who has been following me on my journey of fundraising for my intended maiden philanthropic program for El Salvador.

To date as I previously advised I have raised $600 (Australian) towards my goal of US$3000. Today I have decided to give my idea a name, a vision and a mission. These are to be revised as my program grows. It is in its embryonic stage so please forgive me if it does not sound mature or incredibly comparable to World Vision or the like.

The program, which I am hoping, with God’s help and your help, will eventually assist many orphaned children reach a self sufficient and sustainable future. For its maiden attempt I believe that perhaps it may only be able to assist one or two kids from the orphanage due to the subsidising that will occur with the program. I am not releasing full details yet as I need to work out the ins and outs of how the program will run, how I will need to ensure that what is contracted occurs and how the financial transactions will be facilitated when I am present in El Salvador and when I am not.

May I introduce to you:

Australianos Desarollando Futuros El Salvador (ADFES) or Australians Developing Futures El Salvador (ADFES) ™®©

ADFES aims to assist orphaned youth of El Salvador reach self sufficient and sustainable futures.

ADFES will assist orphaned youth of El Salvador continue further technical or trade education by assisting to connect them with suitable employers and funding subsidies to enable the completion of their course.

I intend that my program will impose conditions upon which the assistance will be provided. These conditions will be strictly applied expected of each student entering the program. The following conditions will be imposed on each participating student:

1.      Association, membership, condoning/sympathising of and supporting of gangs ‘maras’ and/or activities associated with gangs ‘maras’ and/or any other organised crime gangs is strictly forbidden. Breach of this condition will result in expulsion of the program.

2.      Use of illegal drugs or narcotics is strictly forbidden. Breach of this condition will result in expulsion from the program.

3.      Commit to finishing the entire course successfully as per the training providers requirements and assessments.

4.      Be a law-abiding citizen of El Salvador.

5.      At the end of the course commit to mentoring students throughout their course completion.

I also intend that the contracts negotiated between DFES and training providers will need to abide by strict conditions that will be monitored by ADFES or a ADFES representative.

I am working on securing safe accommodation for the student/s. More than likely they will be housed at my father’s house given that he has 6 rooms available and I would feel more comfortable with the students safety there.

I guess I will need to order some more fundraiser chocolates to sell hehe.



  1. Hey como estas? primeramente quiero felicitarte por tu blog y especialmente por tu projecto y le doy gracias a Dios por que hay personas como tu. Soy salvadoreño y vivo en Australia tambien en Melbourne, me gustaria ayudarte con tu programa para ayudar a estos niños huerfanos.

    Espero tu respuesta.

    • hola mauricio gracias!! te escribire pronto 🙂

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