Posted by: missopinion | September 21, 2009

Im teaching how to fish, not just to eat fish… or something like that

Give your man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach your man to fish and you can get rid of him for an entire weekend. Right? No? The old Chinese proverb says give a man a fish and you feed him for a day teach a man to fish and you will feed him for a lifetime. That’s the one!

  This is age-old question when it comes to the giving of charity. “Give to the Red Cross Winter Appeal – you will help people in need have a blanket for those cold nights on the street” “Give $30 a month and it will help feed a child in Africa”. These are the types charitable things we think of when we think of giving. Do we give welfare where you give to someone in their hour of need or do we help to develop them for the future so in the long run they are better off?

 My fundraising campaign has been all about giving to an orphanage in El Salvador. This afternoon I spoke to a lady who works for AusAid which is the Australian government department in charge of regulating the various NGO’s who are established in Australia but functioning overseas. She has made me rethink my philanthropic activity and put me on a path to who knows where!.

 I realise that my initial fundraising thought was just going to be feeding fish to these kids and letting them eat for a day, metaphorically speaking. My new direction is to do something greater it has taken the direction of development. For now, it may not encompass all the children of the orphanage but it may start with one or two and my intention is for it to grow.




I know you too are also bouncing on your seat in anticipation of knowing what the new direction is so I will reveal a little to you. I am hoping to assist these kids to learn how to fish so they can feed themselves for a lifetime, metaphorically speaking. I will be fundraising so that I am able to subsidise their further education and get them to a point where they can be self-sufficient.


 I will be working with my contacts in El Salvador, the orphanage administrators and of course with God’s help, and other family and friends in El Salvador to get these kids into a career that will enable them to be productive members of society. I want my network of friends who are willing to assist to be a network of support and advice for them at least for the duration of their further education.




Details will come when I have established the structure of this program. I pray that things are facilitated to me so that I can help as many as possible over the coming years.



  1. Te felicito por tu trabajo en pro de nuestra ninez es un gesto muy noble que amerita ser apoyado y difundido si quieres contactarme atravez de mi e mail

    Sigue adelante compa


    • bien venido danilo!! gracias por visitar mi blog. Me entusiasmaste bastante con tu respuesta muchas gracias! 🙂
      Lo que me frustra es estar tan lejos de el salvador y no tener el dinero en estos momentos para empezar mi programa inmediatamente.

      luego te escribire 🙂
      miss opinion

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