Posted by: missopinion | September 18, 2009

Exciting news! Adoption in El Salvador


Well something fantastic to report!

 As you may recall I am fundraising for the purposes of taking those funds to El Salvador and bringing shoes or clothes or something that is needed to an orphanage in my mum’s town.

 So far I have raised approximately $600!!! Yay!! Only.. $2400 more to go to reach my goal.

 Well that isn’t all the good news. A couple of years ago on a flight from El Salvador to LA I had the luck of sitting next to this really cool woman. We hit it off like a house on fire as we had much in common. We kept in touch all these years via email, she in the US and I in Australia. I would consider Jackie a friend.

 During our long flight I learned that Jackie had some good words of wisdom and one of them that always stuck by me was that things happen for a reason. I always believe in this, I choose believe that it is God manifesting himself in our lives when something great happens. Well… Jackie wrote to me yesterday and since we had not corresponded for a few months I told her all about what was going on in my life and that I had a great project happening with fundraising for this orphanage. Today I received a response which amazed me, excited me and made both Jackie and I realise that things do happen for a reason.

 Jackie and her husband have been wanting to adopt a child from El Salvador, however, did not know contacts, who to trust or where to even begin. So my little project of love for those poor kids in that orphanage may result in a wonderful opportunity for one of those special children. Jackie asked me to provide her with my contacts of the orphanage as she wished to pursue this adoption as soon as possible.

 Im so excited and happy and hope that maybe I can be there on the day when they pick up their new son or daughter.

 God willing something good will come out of all this.



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