Posted by: missopinion | August 30, 2009

Advice from ARENA, El Salvador: The pot calling the kettle black


Se le informa a todos los empleados públicos que si es objeto de despido injustificado, por la defensa de sus derechos laborales, debe proceder de la siguiente manera:

1. Que no lo intimiden, NO firme la carta de renuncia u otro documento que constituya un finiquito o que desligue de responsabilidad laborar a su empleador;

2. No obstante su cargo corresponda a empleado de confianza, su contrato tiene vigencia hasta finales de 2009; por lo que, se lo tienen que respetar;

3. Constitución de La República de El Salvador- ARTICULO 37.-El trabajo es una función social, goza de la protección del Estado, y no se considera artículo de comercio. El Estado empleará todos los recursos que estén a su alcance paraproporcional ocupación al trabajador, manual o intelectual, y para asegurar a él y a su familia las condiciones económicas de una existencia digna. De igual forma promoverá el trabajo y empleo de las personas con limitaciones o incapacidades físicas, mentales o sociales. ARTICULO 52.- Los derechos consagrados en favor de los trabajadores son irrenunciables

Exigimos al Gobierno del FMLN, que dejen de aumentar el desempleo y la pobreza y cesen los despidos a miles de salvadoreños, por razones político-partidaristas. Es momento de que cumplan con sus promesas de campaña y pongan a funcionar la FABRICA DE EMPLEOS.

Unámonos con ARENA por la defensa de tus derechos laborales.

Paz, Progreso y Libertad


The above public service announcement made by ARENA on their website on 26 August 2009 had me a little conflicted in my feelings over it. It made me think, on the one hand, it is good that they provided this sort of information to the public, however, at the same time it made me hysterically laugh at its obvious hypocrisy.

I do not have any particular affiliation with either ARENA or FMLN but I must admit ARENA frequently make me roll my eyes at the blatant hypocrisy they display. The letter above for those who require a translation informs the Salvadoran public that they have workers rights and should they feel they have been dismissed unfairly that they have avenues by which they can appeal.

The last line is quite amusing ‘We demand that the FMLN government stop increasing unemployment and poverty and cease the dismissal of thousands of Salvadorans for politically affiliation reasons. It is the time that you fulfil your campaign promises and commence the implementation of the FACTORY OF EMPLOYMENT’.

It would be appropriate to insert at this stage that all political parties play the opposition game when they are in opposition. It is their duty, I suppose, to be just that “opposition”. It is reasonable to expect that no matter what the party in power does the opposition is likely to rebuke it, try to play it down, reject it or discredit it. It is expected that the opposition party would continually bring up matters to ensure that the government in power fulfils their promises and keeps them on track and should the government not fulfil its promises or duties it is the opposition who will take advantage of the situation and try to win points by pointing out the flaws and failures.

ARENA were in power for two decades. 20 years they were in power and have a lot to answer for. There are certain demands I would like to make of them:

Provide answers as to why there are hundreds of cases of doctors, nurses, public servants, teachers, school principals, government officials, diplomats and the like who obtain their jobs for the exact reason you state now “political affiliation”.

–          Explain why ARENA supporters and affiliated obtained jobs they were clearly NOT qualified for but were awarded above people who were experienced and qualified? What examples? Take a look at most of the school principals and doctors employed in public hospitals.

  1. Explain why THEY employed people based on affiliation
  2. Justify their lack of adherence to these exact pieces of legislation

They had 20 years of political power and influence and did not fulfil promises made to the country.  The pot calling the kettle black.



  1. what i like is the fact that ARENA is personally responsible for the selling out of the Salvadoran economy, not to mention the criminality and corruption rampant for the last 20 years.

    The FTAA was signed by them, and in no way shape or form is that actually a job creation program or mandate.

    Basically they spent 20 years stagnating El Salvador politically, culturally, economically and spiritually.

    Not to say the FMLN are saints, but lets be real here, we’re seeing a replay of “what might have been” only 20 years ago, twenty years too late, and it might just be too little too late.

    Thank Reagan, the short sightedness of liberal moderates, and the duplicitous, pacifying and silencing that Oscar Arias, and Costa Rica have always played in the region.


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