Posted by: missopinion | August 27, 2009

Threats against Radio Victoria, Sensuntepeque Cabañas, El Salvador

Fellow blogger Tim shed a little light on the second gold mining arbitration demand lodged against El Salvador. Now there are reports of violence and death threats being made against a small group of people who campaign against mining in El Salvador.

 In Victoria a small town near the city of Sensuntepeque in the department of Cabañas environmentalist and anti-mining protestor/lobbyist; Marcelo Rivera, catholic priest; Luis Quintanilla along with other Radio Victoria workers have received violence and death threats against themselves as a result of the work they carry out. Their transmission tower was destroyed and are unable to continue their work.


 A delegation of FMLN travelled to Victoria to investigate the allegations. It is unknown who is making the threats and why.

 It is interesting to note that there are presently 2 demands for arbitration lodged against El Salvador by US and Canadian mining companies presently due to having their mining permits cancelled. They allege it is a violation of the FTA’s (free trade agreement) which El Salvador signed up for.



  1. What’s all the fuss… Is there enough gold there to fill a molar?

    • hi cayetano…your point is exactly the point if you know what i mean.

      The country is not big enough to sustain any long term mining and all it would do is destroy what little is left of any natural flora and fauna.

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