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El Salvador – Live it and Love it


This blog post is a celebration of the country and the people that I love dearly. El Salvador is a country full of treasures ready to be discovered and in most cases rediscovered.

We have an abundance of traditional foods to tempt your taste buds, beaches that capture your heart, parks and forrests that provocate the adventurer, day trips that liven the soul and, of course, the smiles of our hardworking and friendly people that warm your very being.

This is the El Salvador that I know and discover each time I visit. There isn’t a happier moment (other than landing safely) when I look out and see San Salvador from the air after a long 26 hours plus flight. Without fail, the tears inevitably roll down my cheeks with happiness of being able to once again set foot on the land that bore me and embrace the people and culture that run through my veins and always live in my heart.

To all the salvadoreans who read my blog post or explore my blog in entirely, I hope to provoke in you the want and need to help your country in any way you can for the better.

My motivation for this blog and this post is to encourage all those who feel resentment, hate, disillusionment or indifference with this country to take a second look at your country and realize the potential El Salvador has yet to reach. Those of us who are expats can help even if it’s in a small way. I want all those who live in El Salvador and more importantly the governments now and to come to open their eyes and see beyond the scars of war, see beyond the dirt, see beyond the problems that divide and unite in order to take our country to heights that can be beneficial to all in a just and generous way. My dream is that the corrupt governors realise the error of the ways, their evil actions, greed and personal ambition for wealth has left the population disillusioned and hopeless and that they must pay it back. I want the criminals to turn from their bad paths and turn their lives around, seek God, be sorry for all their wrong doings and use their new lives for truth and honesty. That they use their talents to forge new futures for themselves and the country.

I recognise that people in the USA have joined and together formed foundations to fundraise and do good things in and for El Salvador and this is what I would wish from all expats. Those of us who live in Europe, Asia and Australia we can do something despite our distance.

copyright missopinion 29 July 2009 1.20pm (Australia time)

Enjoy the photos and videos below:

The following video is from a news report in 2008 explaining how, for the first time, all sectors of the National Police (PNC) came together to march for the August Festivities. They all marched together and afterwards celebrated by sharing a drink and indulging in an enormous paella.  


The video below is posted by CJMelgar on youtube and I appreciate their efforts so I could post it on my blog. Its just a small demonstration of how traditional patron saint festivals are held in towns and villages around the country all year round. This was one was filmed at Hacienda Vieja in 2008. You will see the happy faces and the enjoyment by our people during these times. Just goes to show that despite hardships we can still smile and have fun. The funny man in the pointy sobrero hat is a character that features in traditional Salvadorean mythology, his name is El Cipitio. Supposedly an orphaned peasant boy that haunts the country side.


The following video was placed on youtube by Melvyn Calderon and I thank him for his efforts in sharing the reality of the humbleness and simplicity of happiness shared by all in his home town. Its pictures in still but its just how I remember it when i have travelled through El Salvador. Filled with food, sweets, candies, rides, children laughing, playing not worrying about anything except being able to be kids and grown ups reliving their childhoods.


This next video gets a big thumbs up from me! Thank you to Lidhy who made and posted this on youtube. It demonstrates the beauty of the lakes of El Salvador. Great video thank you Lidhy!


The next video is again made by Lidhy. Thanks again you have done an amazing job! Sums up all my thoughts on the beauty of El Salvador. Please enjoy!! This is a fabulous video. What excited me most about this video was that I had been to many of the places Lidhy has photographed and collated here. I was tearing up watching it and anxious to buy a ticket to fly back as soon as possible!


This next video is not the greatest resolution but it is in English!!! woohoo!! Posted by Property Links thank you.


This next video is in Spanish but it demonstrates the various tourist options that you can take in a place called Laguna el Jocotal, San Miguel. Features a man taking a dip in the lagoon waters to cool off on a very hot day. Feautures an interview with a young fisher boy who fishes from 8am till midday to catch sufficient fish to feed his family for the day. A third interview with a fisherman who explains how they organise themselves to fish by nets and harpooning to catch enough to sell at the markets.



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