Posted by: missopinion | June 12, 2009

Salvadorian Por Favor!


I understand that English is an important skill and factor for the people of El Salvador, but let us not lose our mother tongue and let us not let the culture that makes us unique die. Use Spanish as we have always done so. Our language and our culture is beautiful and complex, let’s not lose it just because English is popular or because people want to be American.


 I hate seeing ads on Salvadorian TV using predominantly English words, and they dont even pronounce them properly. I hate it! When in El Salvador speak Spanish! 100% of the time. I understand that for commerce and interaction with non-spanish speaking countries and peoples English is advantageous, but I am against losing this at the cost of losing our cultural identity.

 Now that we have a new government we can rediscover, and resurrect our Salvadoran identity and save our lost culture from being lost forever. We can save our history and traditions from being lost in the black hole in which it is presently sinking. Rediscovering and promoting our culture and thereby re-establishing our identity will help our country and its people in various ways. It would help the young people, like those in gangs, to develop a sense of identity, pride and love for their country. It would help them to embrace the notion that El Salvador can recover, bloom and overcome the difficulties it faces. A country united with a government committed to overcoming our challenges, working together towards a common goal of making El Salvador a great nation. A nation that can provide its people with employment, health care and security.


 I would like to see something established as Minister for Arts and Culture in El Salvador so that they can working side by side with the Minister of Education, Minister for Turism and the Minister of Employment to explore and develop other avenues that will improve our country.

 Let me explain; if we dedicate ourselves to educating our people with our folkloric dances, indigenous traditions, poems, theatre, all forms of arts such pottery and painting etc, we can establish a nation proud of their country and roots. A people that will have the will to be inventive and imaginative in developing employment opportunities and business opportunities and bring our country to a new era. We can increase employment in turism, arts and education.

 This will benefit our country in many ways now and into the future.





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