Posted by: missopinion | June 2, 2009

President Mauricio Funes takes the Helm

The Inauguration of President Mauricio Funes of the Farabundo Marti National Liberation party (FMLN) was a short and sweet affair. It was over in less than 4 hours and finished with a triumphant, yet seemingly, humble walk down the aisle of the first family with a particularly heart-warming gesture of the President taking care of his infant son and carrying him in his arms as he exited the Centro Internacional de Ferias y Convenciones with his wife by his side. President and family man at heart.

President Mauricio Funes committed himself and his party to delivering revolutionary government initiatives, programs and gifts for the benefit of the people of El Salvador, particularly those who are suffering great poverty. Such promises included; the handing out of scholastic materials to disadvantaged children in public schools, the construction of at least 20,000 public housing facilities. Providing for access to health care for thousands who have been locked out by el ‘Seguro Social’ or Social Security, a mass crack down and no tolerance attitude toward criminal gangs (‘maras’) and other organised crime syndicates reiterating that El Salvador will not be the hostages of such people.

President Funes outlined the resumption of economic trade with Cuba, outlined plans to redefine and improve relations with the United States of America and other participating economies, a crack down on dishonesty, embezzlement, bribery and nepotism that is the legacy from the previous right wing party.

The subtle and indirect shots at former President Saca and his cabinet of ARENA were as loud as they were silent. Without ever uttering a single word personally directly at former President Saca, newly inaugurated President Funes firmly and critically outlined the flaws of the existing Salvadorian system. President Funes painted the new government as the people’s government claiming that it will not be a government for the priviledged. The centralisation of wealth in the hands of a ruling few, the consistent economic growth of those few at the expense of the suffering multitudes and the recalcitrant, shameless, nepotistic embezzlement of government treasuries throughout the rule of previous governments were issues President Funes laid at the feet of Arena (previous government). President Funes firmly promised and committed himself and his party to addressing all these issues and more to fix the country and put it on the right path.

Valiantly, President Funes spoke with words that would provide renewed hope and renewed faith in the new government of El Salvador, the FMLN.

It was a gutsy manoeuvre by the new president to make promises, many of which, Salvadorians have heard too many times and gone unfulfilled. The FMLN have had an historic triumphant win with this election and cannot afford to let the people down. The country and its people have for the first time since the revolution uprising of 1932 stood up and were able to have their voice heard; they want change, the want it now, they need it now. If the FMLN do not deliver on many of their key issues, the people’s trust could be lost and this could have severe consequences for the FMLN at the next election. President Funes and his soon-to-be announced cabinet and the FMLN need to ensure that their words do not remain pretty words in a speech historically given and remain on the pages of history dated Monday 01 June 2009. These words need to become reality; these words need to bear fruit and these needs to commence the action they promise as soon as possible. El Salvador needs results. This new era of government in El Salvador cannot afford to sit back, take their time and stroll through their term of office. This government has much to prove. Prove to the people, themselves, to all former governments and to the world that the FMLN is not all guns and talk but no results.

Results will need to be seen sooner rather than later. They must deliver on some promises as soon as possible so that the people can have confidence in the new government. The FMLN will need the people’s confidence and trust, if it is to achieve the spring-cleaning El Salvador urgently requires. How will confidence and trust be won? By the delivery of results, the people must see some basic promises come to life in the next three months. The next three months will be crucial to the FMLN. They will need to ensure that the promises that are been delivered to the people are firmly seen by all. This will breed confidence and begin to build trust in government, build a trust and confidence that the people are reluctant to give willingly and blindly.

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