Posted by: missopinion | May 18, 2009

The Grand Plan

There is a plan I need to set in place for the Shoes for the Kids of El Salvador mission I am undertaking.

Now, many people will be wondering why of all things did I select shoes?

When I first sat down and started writing down what I would like to do, I was certain I would be raising money for the children of El Salvador but was unsure what to fundraise. I thought about clothes, writing books for school, pens, pencils, sharpeners, food, a program, sanitary pads, socks, underwear, school fees program, chalk for classrooms, paper for classrooms… each option having validity. However, I thought back on my experiences while there, remember the things I had seen and the things I had heard.

One thing that stuck in my head while travelling the country was that so many children did not have any shoes, wore either old tatty thongs or severely hand-me-down shoes that probably went back to when their parents were their age. This to their family would be a necessity that would be a luxury. Many ‘cantones’ or villages do not have sealed roads at all, and so the kids run around barefoot sustaining all sorts of injuries. These children will probably end up working in the fields or begging on buses etc and the importance of looking after your feet while your young does not impact on them due to lack of knowledge. If at least I can help their parents and these children make life just a little easier for them, by giving them a hand in providing something for these children so they can go to school wearing new shoes and walk around their village without fear of stabbing themselves with something.

This is my starting off point. Maybe after this mission is a success I will think of something more helpful not just for the kids but maybe help an entire community. At least that is my hope.


Phase 1 of my first mission: Sell 12 fundraiser chocolate boxes! I have engaged the participation of a few of my friends who are awesome for volunteering to take at least 1 box each to their respective work places to sell these chocolates. The boxes were ordered on 15 May 2009 and should arrive on Friday, 22 May 2009 to my home address.

As per the Cadbury Chocolates Fundraising website below, it demonstrates that I should be able to raise $351.60 from the sale of 12 boxes of chocolate.

so my first aim will be to raise $351.60AUD

TARGET: $2500USD (or $3500AUD)

Scheduled to raise: $351.60AUD



  1. How can people help? How can you be contacted? or this is
    something you want to do on you own?

    • hi M Lopez! thanks for stopping by 🙂 i would love help with the fundraising. THe question is how could you help? 🙂 im in Australia so the only way I can think of is to do separate fundraising and then meet up in el salvador to do the distributing? well let me ,know!

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