Posted by: missopinion | May 18, 2009

Doing it, Not Just Talking It

For far too long, I have been someone, like many millions someones, who though “I wish I could help more” “I wish I could do something extraordinary” “If I had money I would help more” “I want to do something, but don’t know where to start”. Well last week I decided that enough was enough. I am sick of hearing myself say these words to myself and other people be it for a small business venture or for doing charity things. I wanted to do a fundraiser for Medicines Sans Frontiers and never did it. Why? Because I was way too ambitious, I wanted to do a big fundraiser event and I have no idea how even do a little fundraiser. I wanted to help more people in El Salvador and thought, wow I will need millions of dollars, yes but I don’t have that, so it all kept falling by the wayside. I have had enough of this talk talk talk and no action.


Last week I realised that partially I was right, there was no way I could do the types of charitable works in El Salvador I have dreamed of doing because they are too big. I don’t have the time nor the money. BUT I was wrong in thinking that its better to do nothing than something. I can do something. In addition, today I am happy to announce that I AM doing something.


For those of you who have travelled to El Salvador, you have seen the poverty. You have experienced little children running up to you as you are entering or leaving a restaurant asking you for money or food. Some people like to ignore it, I have heard many Salvadoreans living outside of El Salvador say, and I quote “the country is shit, it’s poor, I hated going there, I am now Canadian/American/Australia/British, I don’t need to associate myself with that country”. I have heard many say “I want nothing to do with anything of El Salvador, it’s a country full of shit and I don’t need to do anything for anyone there”. These statements sadden me deeply. I am Australian, however, acknowledge that I was born in El Salvador and as I have said in previous posts, I feel that I have been privileged to have been raised in Australia and as such I feel that it is a duty of mine to assist those who are less fortunate than myself, particularly, my own people.


I have found some photos to share with you of what kind of poverty does exist in El Salvador that you have seen throughout this post. And for this reason I am embarking on a small, probably insignificant, mission to bring something good for at least some children in El Salvador. My goal is to travel back to El Salvador in approximately 12-18 months time, but this time, with a purpose. Yes I will go and do the touristy thing that I love doing and enjoy the beauty of the country, but I always want to make it worth it for at least some kids. I am raising money to try and buy shoes for children in an impoverished community. I am not sure which community yet, but the following details my goals:


Mission: Raise enough money to buy at least 200 pairs of shoes of different sizes, and give them out to school aged children in a poverty stricken ‘canton’ in El Salvador and maintaining total transparency in the process


Task: To raise approximately $3500AUD = approx $2500USD enough to buy approx 200 pairs of shoes at $10USD and for transportation of the shoes to the ‘canton’ or village.


Action: Conduct various fundraising activities throughout the year to raise money and awareness.


Result: To take $2500USD to El Salvador. With the help of a friend I know, connect with a shoe wholesaler, obtain 200 pairs of children’s size shoes, deliver them to a ‘canton’ or village, and take lots of photographs and videos to put onto this blog as evidence that the money went to the purpose it was meant to.


My first activity is to sell fundraiser chocolates. I am thinking that perhaps I should run different activities one after for variety’s sake.


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