Posted by: missopinion | May 13, 2009

In the Name of The People – A MUST to watch

For the love of the country I was born in, I bring you a documentary that was made and filmed by Frank Christopher and Alex Drehsler.


This documentary exemplifies the type of people who joined the militia forces of El Salvador to “fight for the cause”. Most people were peasants who felt the gap between the rich and poor falling on them in the most heavy and severe way. It also highlights the shocking reality that not only men and women joined the fight against the ruling class and the government, but children too. Whether all these children really did leave their families to join the struggle of their own accord in an informed manner I cannot say. Reasons highlighted and sighted as justification for joining the revolutionary cause include witnessing families being murdered by the military, desperate poverty and hopelessness.


The movie is narrated by Martin Sheen. The documentary is described by the movie makers in the following way:


“An evocative vision of a nation and its tragic civil conflict, IN THE NAME OF TH PEOPLE is the record of four film makers who secretly entered El Salvador, marched with the guerrilla column across the troubled country, and followed it into combat against government forces in San Salvador. The civil war is given a personal dimension as we meet the insurgents and their supporters – a guerrilla commander, a 12 year old messenger, a peasant family victimised by right wing death squads, Charlie Clements, an American doctor working with the rebels”.


I am grateful and in awe of these film makers after watching this documentary and want to encourage anyone who searches for information regarding El Salvador, war, war related topics, Central American history any of it to NOT miss out watching this documentary. If you are of Salvadorean decent, this is a must to understand the place where you came from.


Enjoy below


or alternatively visit:



  1. Thank you for the kind words about In the Name of the People. If you want to know what prompted me to make a documentary about what was going on in El Salvador at the time, please go to my blog, I have posted a small article entitled, “My One and Only Oscar Nominated Documentary.” If you are wondering about the different spellings of my last name, it is because I am German. The hs in Drehsler is the old German way of writting ss. When I received my passport from the German Embassy in Washington, D.C., they spelled my name Dressler. By the way, the description of the film was written by the distribution company, Icarus Films, not the filmmakers. But all of us who had a hand in making it were proud to have done so.

    • wow, thank you Alexander for your comment! i am trully honoured 🙂 I will definately be checking out your blog. And again thank you for taking an interest in such a small little seemingly insignificant country those years ago.

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