Posted by: missopinion | January 15, 2009

El Salvador – Beauty and the Beast

The beauty exists in its traditions, in the beauty behind the clutter and the dust and its people. The beast exists in the scars and residuals of war, the incompetence of government, the greed of industrialists and commercialists and the desperation of the people.

A country that is heading towards 100 years of war has never truly experienced peace. El Salvador is like a human being that has never had good health. It is always suffering from some kind of illness that the smallest feeling of wellness is welcomed and considers himself feeling good’ but has never truly experienced good health.

A lot of this illness has been inflicted by bad leadership, bad, government, bad decisions and bad people. El Salvador needs a president and a government that will not think of their personal and familial wealth but instead think of the country and its people for a change. So, how can this be achieved? Can it ever be fixed? Is it too late? It is not too late. It can be fixed but it needs strong, honest leaders and for the people, the country, to support them.  

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